1 – Genesis

SilverboltHere we are. Cheap Rip-Off Comics Inc. is in business at long last. And when I say “at long last” I don’t mean that all of you have been quivering with anticipation because most of you have not even heard of this comic. Let’s be serious, we probably have what? 20 readers?

However, I don’t mind. I write this comic (and Looshkin does everything else, ergo the important part) for myself (respectively for himself) and not for anyone else. While Looshkin has his own agenda, no doubt, I don’t hope to ever rise to the linguistic level of brilliance of other webcomic writers out there such as Tycho of Penny Arcade or the wit of Cannan’s mathematical humorous commentaries (Holy Bibble). Fuck, I’m not even a native speaker (and bear in mind that I will use that as an excuse every single time I’m accused of having made a mistake).

This comic may not appeal to you, you may not like the type of humor and deem it pointless and irrelevant. So? It’s a comic. Not like we’re expecting it to solve world hunger. If it piques your interest, I adivse you to read the About Us and the Earlier Comics to make more sense of this nonsense I’m typing. Not much is left unsaid for now and without further ado, I bring you issue one of the massive three-issue Pilot. This one was not written by me and it’s sort of a prologue:

As I am writing this I am terribly enraged because I have realized that I can’t use the img src tags for the comics because they’re too large and thus I need to make you all go through extra work and have you click on every single issue if you want to read it. This makes searching for comics terribly hard and annoying and makes viewing them a fucking pain in the ass, ensuring we will lose even more readers.

LATER EDIT: I’ve found a solution. Not the most viable one, but better than nothing. Clickable thumbnails.

1 - Who the hell is Silverbolt and why is he so goddamn dashing?

Not much commentary for that one, eh? I would like to state at this point that Silverbolt, while sharing many of my traits, is NOT me and any stupid questions regarding that topic will be answered in an equally stupid manner.

The following strip is the first one I’ve written the script to and it is my love-child.

2 - The End of the Beginning

The asterisk, as mentioned in the footnote is in reference to the final Life and Times @ Skwid’s Lair strip that has been most inconveniently split into two parts. Also, you may be wondering who the strapping gentleman in the final panel is. Why, he is an old 4chan meme by the name of Richard C. Mongler. You may read about him in the offensive Encyclopaedia Dramatica article. Do not click.

The following strip will be especially annoying to read because it has been split into two parts due to the length and size. Again, I apologize. It may get a bit hard to follow in the middle, but if you know how to read comics you shouldn’t have any problems with it.



Ah, the classic clothes parade scene. And afterwards, Silv finally gets what he has always desired: A shirt depicting a nerdy mouse. Now his life is truly complete. Let us rejoice!

Well, my devoted readers, that’s about it for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed these first few strips in spite of the inconveniences and that you’ll return. Feel free to contact me with any questions and use the comments function to give feedback. I’m usually more jovial, but this whole image incident has really pissed me off. Looshkin may be here later to add his own commentaries to this post. Look for them at the bottom of the post written in italics. Until the next time, goodbye and have a very generic day.



LooshkinWell, it’s finally arrived, and we have some positive feedback already after what, 6 hours of existence? In any case I anticipate that this series will continue for quite sometime. Despite Silverbolt’s claims to be the writer, nothing he writes gets approval, and most of the ideas are mine…
Silv, you can hit me later.

In any case within the next few days issue 4 will be finished and available for your viewing pleasure/discomfort. The Generic Adventures though is not my only series as you may already know, and the Cheap Rip-Off series will be continueing in the background, a few of them will be be in direct reference to The Generic Adventures, but most will be stand alone comics that are in a completely different style.

Issue 1 of The Generic Adventures is taken almost directly from a comic strip called Bear, and I figured it was the perfect way to introduce the new series. Silv on the otherhand was heard saying over the interwebs “OMFG!!! That’s not my f***ing comic!!!” But I don’t really care, it was funny.

Issue 2 was Silv’s first script and I give him full credit for it, in developing the scripts, Silv and Myself throw random things into the melting pot, and strange creations come forth. The first five issues are all from the innitial conversations we had, with more ideas left over for later.

Issue 3 is an homage to the millions of films and other stuff available that involve someone going into a clothes store and trying on different clothes. Again, alot of the script came together weeks before it was even posed, and was even delayed a week because Silv somehow ‘lost’ his monitor, so he couldn’t get online to view the comic for final screening. The comic, when it was eventually released to the public, was received warmly by the gmod community over at PHW Comics, and I’ve never received so much good feedback from a comic before.

Anyways, enjoy the comics, and we both hope you’ll come back to see the continueing adventures. Hell, Silv may even get laid in the future*, and Looshkin may do something that doesn’t revolve around picking on Silv, hey, stranger things have happened.

Thanks for reading.

~ Looshkin

*This will never happen, I will personally see to it.


4 Responses to “1 – Genesis”

  1. Dani Says:

    Nice start! I like it, it’s definitely got potential. The art’s different than I normally like, but I think it works well. I’ll keep watching! (And not just because Silvy begs me too, either. :P)

  2. Chris Says:

    I agree with the complete stranger whom I have never met in my life. I don’t care too much for comics taken from video games, but the humor has lots of potential. I’ll certainly continue to peek my head in every whenever we feel like it.

  3. elitekillur117 Says:

    Very good, guys.

    Good luck with it!

    BTW, what’s with the creepy guy in the bottom right corner in comic #2?

  4. Silverbolt Says:

    Read the commentary. It’s Richard C. Mongler. :D

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