4 – Previously on Lost…


I love myself, but you’d probably guessed this already. In any case I have a life outside the intertubes, and it involves working long hours for minimum wage. It’s hard, but then, that’s life.

Silv has yet to experience real life, and when he does, it’s gonna come as quite a shock to him. Life sucks for the most part and then you die. However the bits in-between are pretty cool if you make the right choices. Saw Hot Fuzz yesterday, and if you haven’t seen it yet, for shame. Simon Pegg et al get better all the time, and I personally can’t wait for whatever their next film is.

Shawn of the Dead, their other movie, was awesome, but Hot Fuzz is teh kewl.

Recommendation: Watch it, then watch it again, then kill yourself, for you will never see such things again.

Quote for the Day: If you all loved me, I’d wake up tomorrow and find the City has killed itself in my honour. – Spider Jerusalem, Transmetropolitan

~ Looshkin


Silverbolt In case you were wondering, that was Loosh saying he’s sorry he couldn’t update earlier. This would be a fine time to point out that I mostly have nothing to do with the Cheap Rip-Off series script-wise. Maybe an idea now and then, but that’s it. Credit goes entirely to Loosh.

Lost…you guys watch Lost? I got hooked around Christmas, when I devoured the first two seasons and became an addict. It’s a really good show (Lord of the Flies meets Castaway meets Twilight Zone meets Survivor, for those that haven’t heard of it yet), but it can quickly get very very bad if they don’t start explaining stuff soon. Watch it. The Numbers compel you.

And Loosh, I do too have a life! I keep it in a box up…at home.



6 Responses to “4 – Previously on Lost…”

  1. Ian Says:



  2. Silverbolt Says:

    Yeah. It’s a…umm…a blue box. Yeah.

  3. Dani Says:

    Silvy, you have to feed it once in a while or it’ll die.

  4. Chris Says:

    I forgot to feed mine. It died.

  5. Silverbolt Says:

    It will became an hero!

  6. Ian Says:


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