5 – Of Mice and Gentlemen

6 - Booty Camp

SilverboltWe’re gonna need a montage…montage!

In case you haven’t realized, the “Montage” song in today’s strip is from the movie Team America by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (creators of South Park). If you haven’t seen it yet, you should. Of course, the strip itself is a tribute/spoof of the cliched montage scenes you can see in oh-so-many films.

DJ is a character that has appeared before in the Life and Times @ Skwid’s Lair series but has since turned into a fine gentleman. I thought he would be the perfect guy to teach Silv the ropes (notice the Yoda quotes and the”My Fair Lady” reference). The real DJ, however, is as said in the strip, the writer of Snooty Gentleman’s Biased Humor Quarterly. You should read it sometime. It’s Top Balls!

I also put him in the comic hoping he would finally REMEMBER TO UNBLOCK ME ON MSN! Seriously, dude, it’s been over a year. What the hell?

Also, I have a special treat for everyone. The views per day graphic for February:

Graph February 2007

Yay, we’re almost flat-lining! I would like to thank our readers (yes, all three of them) for their support for the past month. CR-O Inc. shall carry on. Have a very generic day.



loosh I hope we don’t get sued.
In life there are times when you just can’t be bothered to do anything. That’s kinda what happened with the lateness of this comic. I wanted to do it, but had no drive until a few nights ago. During the making of this comic I realised how much of my time goes into these things.

13 hours posing ragdolls and props,
2 hours waiting for my graphics card to work on the settings I alter before and after each picture,
30 minutes in total for pictures themselves,
40 minutes sat on the toilet,
1 hour eating,
6 hours watching television, if I miss Scrubs, I kill people,
30 minutes waiting for maps and saved games to load,
and 20 minutes finding a suitable picture of the Rocky Balboa Statue.
Then I spent another 4 hours editing and junk.

Also during the making I’ve consumed;

5 hot meals,
6 packets of crisps,
1.5 litre’s of Tango,
3 litre’s of Summer Fruits Cordial,
2 joints,
and 30 cigarettes.

In total I’ve spent exactly 28 hours on this comic and shortened my life by 30 minutes.

You better be fucking grateful.

If not, I know where you all live….well actually I don’t, but I know someone who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone that does.

I leave you today with the words my english teacher gave me in high school, “Get it, got it, sling your hook.”

~ Looshkin


9 Responses to “5 – Of Mice and Gentlemen”

  1. Dani Says:

    Heh. Against all advice I read this before watching Team America, and it was still pretty funny. After I watch the movie, I’m sure it’ll be even better. :)

  2. Ian Says:

    … well, the Montage song is orginally-originally from South Park episode 603, “Asspen” while Stan was learning to ski really fast to beat Chad in a race, so he could save the youth center, get the girl and free some Indian spirits. It was later ported to the movie.

    But still, Matt and Trey rock and it was a good use of the reference. Funny strip, indeed.

    Sorry to spoil your rant there, Silv.

  3. Silverbolt Says:

    I know it was, Ianfe. I know the series by heart, remember? It’s more popular as the song from Team America, however, so we used it as such.

  4. Ian Says:

    As a college student, you should well know the value of correct and accurate citation, my friend. I will not stand for anything less!

  5. Silverbolt Says:

    I loathe you.

  6. h8rsk8r Says:

    is ur comik gonna turn into pr0n? cuz thatd be awsum. more b00bs.

  7. Silverbolt Says:

    No, Chris, it shan’t.

    Yes, I know who you are. I can see your email and IP.

  8. Looshkin Says:

    lol, pwn3d.

  9. Ben Nicholls Says:

    I see you’ve invented an interlink unto my site and spewed forth a barage of illconceived comments regarding my actions in past times. Your actions are unforgivabel, indeed, but for now I will simply correct you sarcastically instead of smiting you with a bone mace (think carefully the implications of that term).

    1) DJ is a former alias which I do not use any longer. You may refer to me as Lord Cornelius Fistington, a name bestowed unto my the Queen herself.

    2) As I have explained several times, via several mediums, you are not blocked on my MSN. You were deleted. To re-establish contact with my person, wire me a singing telegram that will ocnvey unto me your email address so this situation may be rectified instead of sitting in Eastern Europe crying like a disenheartened sootmaster.

    Leaving the then and regarding the now though, I must say it is fantastic to know you are still among the living. On Wednesday of mext week we should dine and attend the Opera, I assure you something fantastic is playing.


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