6 – What day is it again?

7 - Check the Date


Credit for this issue goes to Warren Ellis, writer for Transmetropolitan.

Now, I know I haven’t made a comic in nearly a month, but it has been a pretty bad month. For two weeks, I was working practically non-stop, and last week I had the squits something aweful. This week has had me in tears over debt’s and borrowing money from the bank to pay my rather large bills.

Other than that, everything is hunkey-dorey. I’ve put off buying a PS3 for the near future, as I’d need a HD TV in order to get the best out of it. And at £425, a PS3 is quite a bit out of my price range, not to mention the £1,500 for the HD TV.

By the way the “Help Looshkin Not To Starve Fund” accepts cash, credit cards, debit cards, cheques, postal orders and paypal.

Have a good April 1st.
~ Looshkin




This day sucks. I’ve always hated it, to be honest. People seem to use it as an excuse for idiotic jokes. As for the comic…

Well, I had nothing to do with THIS one. I invoke a random amendment!

My excuse for not having more comics up is I’ve been sucked into a game named Dungeons and Dragons. Yes. I am slowly becoming a full nerd. Soon my nerding will be complete. And I obviously have NOTHING meaningful to say today, so I’ll stop.

But before that, here’s the graph for March 2007:

Apparently, two of our readers died, thus halving our reader base. More must be bred. Any beautiful females that wish to assist me are welcome to send me emails.



22 Responses to “6 – What day is it again?”

  1. Chris Says:

    April fools, you gullible, gullible boy.

  2. Dani Says:

    ^ is a mean April Fool.

  3. Silverbolt Says:

    You should have seen what he did last year.

    (He didn’t actually do anything but the phrase sounds nice. :D)

  4. Ian Says:

    Me and some friends once played a very similar prank on a guy, but much much worse.

    Ask me about it sometime!

  5. Chris Says:

    ^^^ Just can’t take a joke. =)

  6. Silverbolt Says:

    Clarification: Chris is not implying that Ian can’t take a joke, but rather that Dani can’t. :D

    Ian, I’m asking you right now.

  7. Looshkin Says:

    Yes, I’m asking as. What did you do?

  8. Ian Says:

    Well, me and some friends were camping on the Venezuelan plains; we’d drive from point to point every so often, and along the way sometimes we ran into tiny villages. This one time, we stayed the night in one such town and one of our friends got nastily drunk, to the point where he was being obnoxious and a pain in the ass. He yelled at us, he yelled at some townspeople, being rowdy until he passed out, stone cold… so we paid the hugest, most dark-skinned (no racism intended… but we WERE all white kids in the middle of the frickin’ bush) guy we could find in the town to let him sleep next to him in his cabin/hut.

    We carried him there, put him facedown in the bed and scooted his pants down over his butt, then we poured egg whites over his butt and down his crack.

    … You can imagine what kind of awakening he had the following morning!

  9. Silverbolt Says:

    lol. Just…

    Total lulz!


  10. Ian Says:

    hey, it’s what I bring to the table.

  11. Chris Says:

    *continues to check this comic every now and then*

  12. Silverbolt Says:

    Loosh is getting some stuff sorted out that will help him make the comics a lot faster. Bear with us. Thanks for the interest, Chris. :P

    An update shouldn’t be far-off.

  13. Chris Says:


  14. Ian Says:


  15. Dani Says:

    I’m still here…kinda…

  16. Silverbolt Says:

    Loosh is…

    I don’t know where the hell he is.


  17. Looshkin Says:

    My PC exploded, have managed to get online briefly.
    Insurance money should be coming shortly.
    However, the external harddrive, which has all my gmod files, including my comics was wiped.
    I’ll post as soon as I have my own pc again.

    Missing you all, Looshkin.

  18. Chris Says:

    OMG suxxorz! But at least he’s still alive!

  19. Silverbolt Says:

    As soon as he gets his stuff back in order we shall return. If he manages to recover his data from the hard drive we’ll be back even sooner. Stay tuned, folks.

  20. Dani Says:

    *stakes a tent*

    *camps out*

  21. Silverbolt Says:

    We’re out of PS3s!

  22. Dani Says:

    Oh. K.


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