7 – It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World

loosh The last couple of months have ben strange. Basically, my PC exploded whilst I was away doing a training course. Water and electricity don’t mix apparently. In any case, Cheap Rip-Off fell out of circulation, unitl last month.

The external hard-drive where I kept the gmod files I need for my comics was wiped. This basically means I have to start everything again from scratch. I have yet to make new Looshkin and Silverbolt models, but when I do, a new season of L&S will be forthcoming.

In the mean-time, you’ve probably seen the video I posted. I made this yesterday, and it puts CR-O Pruductions on a whole new course. I am currently learning how to use the faceposer in my games. This means that in the near future many of my comics will be animated. Yes, you read that correctly, animated.

I hope you enjoyed watching the movie, and don’t worry about the FRAPS link in the video, this will not be present in future films.

~ Looshkin, He saw the future, and saw himself.


SilverboltWow, this post took me by surprise. You should notify me earlier the next time, Loosh :P

Anyway, it appears we’re semi-back in business.  As soon as Loosh gets his shit back together, we gonna ROLL!

Also, I have the dread sensation that I’ll have to voice act if we ever go full animation…I shudder to think of the consequences.

So yeah, what’s been up these months, you ask? Well, I finished the first year of college rather well so I rock. Also, I’ve been sucked deep into the world of tabletop gaming. DnD, Magic the Gathering, World of Warcraft TCG and learning Warhammer 40k. I’m also in the process of becoming one of the few (if not the first) Vampire the Masquerade storytellers around these here parts.

Yeah. That’s about it. I’ll start updating some of the pages on the blog and other stuff. And I’ve given up posting graphs with the monthly activity because I’m a lazy bum.

Cheers, people. This is a shoutout to all of our fans. Love all three of you!



4 Responses to “7 – It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World”

  1. Snapple Says:

    You suck.

  2. Ian Says:

    Wow, I count as three people? I’m honored.

  3. Silverbolt Says:

    Dude, you don’t even count as “people”.

  4. Chris Says:

    That looked…f’ing great. I can’t wait to see some more animated comics. Jesus, good job Loosh. Great choice in song, too.

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