9 – Survival of the Dumbest

looshI am invincible!!!
I actually am. Everyone probably thought that I’d given up making comics, but you’d be wrong there fella. I’m merely lazy. How else can you explain why it’s taken me several billion years to create the perfect life forms.

Yes you guessed it, I’m still god.

And the perfect lifeforms you ask? Crabs. They were my first design, and they once ruled a mighty empire on Earth. Pratchett got it right, but their empire didn’t get destroyed, it merely evolved beyond the point of human understanding.

One thing, the comic is too long for it to have a thumbnail, so just click on the picture above, and you’ll be whisked away to comic land.

Hail the CRABS!!!

~ Looshkin


SilverboltBack online we are, we are. And finally, the long-awaited and planned XKCD tribute is here. A thank you goes to Randall Munroe who actually replied to my email asking for permission to use his name, comic and character art stick figure in this issue. If you haven’t heard me rave about it a million times here’s XKCD, one of the best comics out there and one any geek should know and love. Also provides tips on Velociraptor attacks. If you’re wondering about the little google search joke in the comic, this is actually a reference to something I said in an earlier post about how someone got to Cheap Rip-Off Comics from a search engine query going something like “how to survive a velociraptor attack”. Since then, the phenomenon has grown…

Allow me to explain. Below are several keywords and phrases used to get here from search engines, and the number of times each has been used:

how to survive a velociraptor attack
“velociraptor attack”
velociraptor attacks
surviving velociraptor attacks    2 views
surviving velociraptor attack 2 views
surviving a velociraptor attack 2 views
velociraptor xkcd 2 views
velociraptor comics

Now, I don’t want to be responsible for any deaths and that is why we decided to actually make a comic to raise Velociraptor awareness and help those in need when Google fails them so badly.

And now on to more serious business, we’re planning something big. Epic. Serial. Plot-ish. But more on that as the story begins next time. Toodles.



6 Responses to “9 – Survival of the Dumbest”

  1. Dani Says:

    I’m glad you’re back!

    Also, never noticed the smiley face at the very bottom of the website.

  2. Ian Says:

    Ye gods! About time, I tell you.

  3. Ian Says:

    Having read the comic (unlike in my first post)… hey dudes, I really liked it! Congrats on a great return to form.

  4. Looshkin Says:

    It’s good to be back, and I’m just waiting for Silv to submit some scripts. Until then the Cheap Rip-Off series will resume, as soon as I write some scripts of my own.

  5. Silverbolt Says:

    Have some catching up to do with various things. Will work as fast as I can.

  6. Looshkin Says:

    No rush.

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