33 – The PoB’s New Cloak

A new PoB Squad has been finally announced, and your Lord and Master is once again a part of it. So here is a small tribute to all those I’ve worked with, past and future.



5 Responses to “33 – The PoB’s New Cloak”

  1. Silverbolt Says:

    Loosh, why are you never on MSN anymore? Much like Cthulhu in his sunken city of R’Lyeh, I await you there dead, yet dreaming.

  2. Silverbolt Says:

    You suck, you suck, you suck, you suck!

  3. Looshkin Says:

    My MSN is buggered and never starts up.

  4. Silverbolt Says:

    Then it would appear we are at a condornodnodnronrum.

  5. Looshkin Says:

    You could always join PoB and talk to me there?

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