40 – Not a comic, but a blog post.

Yes, it’s Old Man Loosh here with an update.

For one’s of you that bother to come here, let me give the reasons for my absence, as if you care.

My last comic was the last comic I made, and accordingly PoB also died that day. It was a fitting tribute to my friendships with PoB and the reconcilling between my nemesis, Mythos, and myself. Since then PoB has fallen into disuse, its domain has expired and the PoB-Blog has died.

When that happened, so did my passion for making comics. I made a second series of the Looshkin Show, but deemed it unworthy for release and deleted all 10 comics, never to be seen again, although some screen shots may still exist, they will never see the light of day. With my lack of comic making and a combination of working 50+ hours a week, a lack of money despite it, and bills mounting up, I had a mental breakdown.

Six months later, I’m out of the depression. I still want to make comics, but no longer feel that Garry’s Mod is the medium to make them, although Garry’s Mod will always be my first choice. I have a new comic series written, all I need is a medium with which to make it. Garry’s Mod could be used to make it, but I feel it would be better if it were drawn. However, I have the drawing skills of a blind squirrel with ADHD, and would not be able to bring anything to life with a stylus (if I could afford one), nor pen and ink.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. My arch-enemy Mythos is soon going to start a new site, and I am one of the few who have been chosen to go with him. Hopefully, by the time he get’s his shit together, I’ll be able to commit to making something again, either as comic maker or as the writer for someone else. either way it will get my creative juices flowing once more. It’s time’s like these I miss Silverbolt, as his scripts always made me laugh and were fun to create, even if they were too wordy for my liking, but you work with what you get, and although I enjoy writing and making my own comics, making one written for you is a joy too.

So to summerise, I’m no longer a mental fuck-wit, I’m still playing World of Warcraft, I want to make comics still, and soon good things will happen.

May Looshkin may mercy on us all when he get’s in gear, but for now, he sleeps, much like Cthulhu.

“Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Looshkin Cymru wgah’nagl fhtagn” – Looshkin


One Response to “40 – Not a comic, but a blog post.”

  1. Mythos Says:

    Get to work, you lazy old creep.

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