About us

Welcome to Cheap Rip-Off Comics Inc., yet another Half Life 2 G-Mod comic inspired by the e-famous Concerned. While Looshkin, the author/artist has been working alone for 35 strips, he has since decided to seek outside assistance in co-writing the scripts and thus I, Silverbolt, have been commissioned. Yeah. I know. I got the easy job. But I still have to keep the blog running as well, so that counts for something (I refuse to call it a website. I think that if you’re too much of a lazy-ass to make your own website you could at least NOT make a blog and call it that.)

We here at Cheap Rip-Off Comics try to offer high quality lulz* and have over one year of experience in lulz*-production.

What’s this we? I did all the work. ~Looshkin

– Shut up. We’ve been offering lulz* our own different ways. Just because my lulz* was not part of your own lulz* doesn’t mean I wasn’t an active lulz* supplier. ~Silverbolt

If you appreciate our lulz*, please drop us a line either by email or by means of comments.

If you do not, but can give constructive criticism, we also encourage that. I mean, Loosh pretty much forgets everything when he sleeps and I’m not really concerned with the affairs of the Living, so we won’t mind .

However…idiots will be discriminated against and sent to concentration camps. I am not kidding. There’s one in my backyard and I’m not afraid to use it. It will be my very own Final Solution and now please excuse me while I go laugh manically.**

(By the way, we’re obviously not really into political correctness around here either. Because we’re European.)


*lulz = spiffy Internets term describing a form of humor.

**in my concentration camps we will play a game where I will release you into my playground, track you, find you, run you down, BREAK YOUR SHIT OFF, then rape you with your own severed limbs, rend the flesh from your bones and rape it too while you writhe in unspeakable agony, still alive…still watching.

Yes. I will literally have sex with pieces of your body. Ask anyone.

The fun part about this game is that I always win. ^_^

(Of course, I -am- in fact a total wimp that can’t lift a toothpick, let alone fight but I will still whine and ban you from commenting and shit)

Disclaimer regarding language and spelling: If I ever misspell anything or make a gramatical error, bite me. I’m not a native speaker. Loosh, on the other hand, has no excuse other than the fact that shiny objects distract him.


Looshkin here with my own blah-di-blah-blah.

Now, I’ve been working alone on these comics for a full year now, and in that time, I am proud to say, I’ve gotten good at it. Silv on the other hand is merely my lackey, and you should disregard anything he says as what it is; shite.

Cheap Rip-Off began as a badly posed, un-edited piece of tosh, and was destined for the scrap heap of the intertubes. I then asked members of the Skwid’s Lair community if they wanted to be part of teh cast list for an ambitious series, The Life & Times @ Skwid’s Lair, the series ran on and off for a year, running to 20 episodes, with the finale as a lead off to The Generic Adventure of Looshkin & Silverbolt. In between episodes, the original Cheap Rip-Off continued in the background, and culminated in my longest comic [child drown], a parody of [adult swim], or more specifically, Robot Chicken.

All the comics I’ve made so far are archived over in PHWonline, and will soon also be over at ComicSpace.com. To see all my works, including the current series, go here.



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