Cast of Characters








A fun-loving Welshman, Looshkin (also known as “Loosh”) is always the heart of the party wherever he goes and also, most likely the first to fall over drunk. Obviously the brawn and mastermind of the duo’s adventures, Loosh prefers to solve his problems either with brute force, threats or cruel sarcasm and insults. Hedonistic by nature, he’s always out for the simple pleasures in life. Small things that bring him joy such as beating up Silv, making fun of Silv, tormenting Silv, making Silv do hard work and many more equally diverse interests. In times of crisis he is a capable leader and a reliable teammate. He even sacrificed himself for the safety of others at one point, but it turns out that it was merely his stunt double. He will be missed.



Of Romanian origin, geeky, air-headed and wimpy, Silverbolt (Called Silv by peers and Silvy by girls that like him, so…umm…mostly Silv) is by every definition of the word, a loser. Constantly being bullied and pushed around by others, reluctantly subservient, forever trying to find a date and overcome his loneliness, Silv has grown a bitter, latent sardonic, potentially evil and homicidal side. However, that side of him has yet to manifest itself in a disadvantaging manner. Every now and then, though, he gets pushed around too far and the consequences can get dire, but as soon as it’s all over he’s back to his usual self. Due to his geekyness he has a certain degree of intelligence that he chooses to manifest whenever needed and also at very wrong times, creating incredibly awkward moments. Being a stereotype himself, Silv has become a connoisseur of cliches and can spot, twist and turn generic storylines to his advantage in times of need. CAUTION: Though he will lash out at you and whine in a seemingly violent manner at times, you should be perfectly safe. As long as you don’t. touch. his. sister.

Stormy and DoraStormy and Dora

The Belgian soldier Stormrider (also known as Stormy or El Stormo) has always had the tough job of keeping Silv in line or otherwise just randomly smack him over the head. However, after Dora (Silv’s sister) was kidnapped by DJ, the two of them found a strange relationship that has yet to go beyond hugging each other. A relationship that has the effect of unnerving Silv thoroughly. Since then they have never been seen apart from one another and it is suspected that they’ve developed some sort of symbiotic bond. Stormy is the only one to date that has touched Dora without drawing Silv’s wrath upon him. This strange anomaly needs to be studied further before any explanation is attempted.




Once an employee of sinister and mysterious forces that sought to disband our heroes, he has reformed and is now a perfect gentleman. No longer a servant of questionable individuals, but a refined and upstanding member of society. He can be found whenever sophistication and snootyness is required in approaching a problem. His catchphrase is “Top Balls!” said in a British accent.





12 Responses to “Cast of Characters”

  1. Chris Says:

    “(Called Silv by peers and Silvy by girls that like him, so…umm…mostly Silv)”

    Hey now. I only know one person who calls you Silvy. She’s off limits.

  2. Silverbolt Says:

    You are, indeed, a worthy adversary, Christopher, but she will be mine. One day…one…day.

  3. Looshkin Says:

    How about never.

  4. Dani Says:


    You totally asked me to call you Silvy. :P

  5. Ian Says:

    so, Silv… would your sister be off-limits to ME?

    I do rock, after all. Like no other.

  6. Silverbolt Says:

    You’re really trying my patience, Ian. Remember the overprotective brother cliche…do NOT fuck with that.

  7. Dani Says:

    Would your sister be off limits to me?

    Just askin’.

  8. Silverbolt Says:

    The matter must be given much thought and then addressed.

  9. Skwid Says:

    I should be in your comics.

    No, seriously…I really, really should.

  10. Silverbolt Says:

    We’ll think about it, old man. Don’t call us, we’ll call you. :P

  11. Skwid Says:

    Oh, yeah? Well, you CAN’T. You don’t have my NUMBER!

    Jokes on YOU! HA!!!!

    ha HA!!!! Take THAT you filthy rodent!


  12. RTM Says:

    Could I be in the comics? Please… I’m content with appearing like G-Man in HL. Very briefly and barely noticeable…

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