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14 – Applications Applications

Saturday, 23 February, 2008


Why hallo again….
What’s that? Yes, two comics made and posted in one day? I must be ill, or motivated, or both. This comic was made as an application for the estemed position of Unofficial Comic Maker at the PHW forums, a position that will most likely go to someone else, but hell, if you can’t have fun making a comic, you shouldn’t be making them.

I have been craving Lost again, and to get over the fact the fourth season won’t be shown on Virgin 1, (fuck you Sky TV) I will have to wait an entire fucking year to get my fix of confusion. It’s slightly irritating, maybe I should download the episodes from a website?

Ever since I’ve gotten into Lost, I keep coming across Lost references everywhere, and people keep trying to tell me spoilers. The bastards. Anyone who does tell me what happens in season four will meet a gruesome death at the claws of my kitten!

See you in another life, brother.

~ Looshkin