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11 – Night of the Living Formerly Alive

Thursday, 10 January, 2008
11 – Root of Evil (HOLY SHIT, 10 MEGS)
Silverbolt After much away-time from my brother-in-lulz Looshkin, he and I have returned anew. You have above the unholy child of our collective loins that has been recently vomited into existence.
I can sincerely say that as far as I’m concerned it has been worth the wait, for Looshkin has supplied us with ten megabytes of sheer awesome based on the script I sent him oh-so-long-ago. Needless to say that since this is the beginning of a more or less continuity-based storyline, we’ll try to update more frequently, but that’s entirely up to Loosh and how much time he has on his hands.
Also, this strip marks an increase in joke quality (or so I hope) and what I consider to be the true start of Looshkin and Silverbolt’s adventures.
Peace on Earth, respect the mongoose.


PhotobucketHappy Cold Period!

Well folks, it’s been a while since our last comic, but in the last couple of months I’ve had a promotion and hence have been spending more time at the restaurant cleaning up after the children my boss insists on hiring.

In other news, I have been playing WoW quite alot, but still can’t get to grips with PvP combat. Apart form that I’m enjoying the experience. Aside from WoW, my Online Roleplay Group has reset several roleplays, so feel free to come and join in.

As Silverbolt stated above, I am trying to get more comics out quicker, but real world issues keep me offline these days. Ah the results of adulthood are sweet, until you get the bill. Money is still an issue, but you can donate and keep us online. Please.

On another note, the CR-O team has been increased. We have a new comic maker called Cat who will be assisting us and releasing her own comics through us. At this time she has made around four comics under the heading Unconcerned, an obvious reference to the now finished Concerned webcomic. These will be available in the archive section shortly, i.e. when we can get ahold of Cat to get her permission. Yeah, I said “her”. One third of the team is now female, but Silv will be kept on his leash, and Cat has been given express permission to hit him.

Have A Good One.

~ Looshkin.