You know what it means. Feedback, praise, curse words (not without consequence), criticism, error spotting and more. Fire away, our fans.

Get lost, people who don’t like us. Go read a proper comic.

This is, of course, for general stuff, not things related to other posts on this Inter-Blag (copyright of xkcd)


Q1: Why do you overuse “lulz”?

A: You can’t overuse “lulz”. Lulz is a good thing. It brings joy to the world and brings a smile to one’s face. Many times have there been reports of roflcopters dropping lulz supplies to refugee survivors of a lollercaust. It’s also a tribute to Encylopaedia Dramatica. Everything we say and do here is done for the lulz. The band Garbage also has a song entitled “The lulz is not enough”.

Q2: How do you make the comic?

A: Comics are made by faeries, who use alot of spit and string. Seriously.

However, the faeries were fired for being too stoned and Looshkin took over the work. Each comic begins as a conversation between Loosh and Silv. These at some point turn into a script, or at least provide a plot to a far flung distant story. Silv then turns the conversation into a story and breaks it down frame by frame.
Loosh and Silv then discuss the script and go over it frame by frame, and work out any problems. Silv then finishes the script and sends it to Loosh via the interweb. Loosh then ignores the script entirely for about a week, before finally thinking about making it.
At this point Loosh draws a frame by frame guide so that he knows what pictures to set up and take. After a day of dithering Loosh will turn on Gmod 10 and will spend several hours posing the ragdolls, placing props, establishing facial poses, and taking pictures. During this process many fags (cigarettes to non-europeans) will be smoked, many drinks knocked back, and much swearing occurs. At some point Silv will harass Loosh, almost always whilst Loosh is taking pictures. After alot more swearing, Loosh finishes the picture taking and with a great sigh of relief will shoot Silv in the forehead (the ragdoll that is), usually with a weapon of great destructive force.
At this point Loosh will go to bed and sleep, or he will hang around online shooting Werhmacht on DoD:S. After this Loosh will have enough patience to sit down and put the pictures into some semblance of order via Photoshop. He then cleans up the image, brightens or darkens it as needed, and places the needed parts onto a pre-made layout.
After this, Loosh will place the writing into the comic, and makes the speech bubbles. At this stage the comic is 99% complete. Loosh then waits several days for Silv to get online so that they can discuss the comic. The comic isn’t released until both Silv and Loosh are happy with it.
And then, boom, it’s hitting your monitor screens via the interbutt, and the faeries are gutted that they got fired.


One Response to “Feedback”

  1. Ku ku Says:

    Nice! really liked the comics, funny random and a little odd. Great work guys keep it up. (And the banner is better… less pain for the eyeballs!)

    Ku ku

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