Looshkin’s Blurb

Why hello there, intrepid explorer of the interwebs.

Presumably this is where Silv want’s me to put links to stuff. Well, okay then, I’ll try and put links to something Silv hasn’t already.

Turn Signals on a Land Raider: Follow Tank Commander Kren and Gunner Frep as they traverse the galaxy, scrourging foul xenos along the way in their mighty Land Raider Super Jackhammer, all called “Fire Magnet”. If little toy soldiers could talk and interact, this would probably be very accurate.

Order of the Stick: D’n’d Parody, follow the Order as they quest around the world foiling the plans of the Liche Xylclon or, whatevr his name is.

Gone with the Blastwave: Brillaint comic, excfellent storyline. One of my all time favourites.

Least I Could Do: Brilliant comic, updated six days a week. It’s extremely funny, and I recommend it to everyone, “…and then I tried to buy the horse a prositute.”

Staccato: Another comic about slackers playing on their computers. Involves a talking basketball, and a psycotic pc, that tries to kill its owners.

Everythings else is already in Silv’s links.



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