Silverbolt’s Stuff

Wow, me. I mean, seriously.

This is where I keep my shit. And by shit, I do of course mean “stuff”. Only I use “shit” because I’m a wannabe thug. I don’t actually post pictures of excrement…often.

Anyway, these are a few links you should definitely check out because I say so:


Penny Arcade – the comic that got me into all of them. A classic and a legend amongst gaming webcomics

Ctrl-Alt-Del – second gaming webcomic I’ve gotten to. While largely considered a Penny Arcade rip-off and in spite of the accusations of “ITS LOSING ITS FUNNEH OMG”, I still go there. It’s entertaining if nothing more.

VG Cats – my third webcomic in chronological order. It’s about cats and video games. And Pantsman. Reading it doesn’t make you a furry. Seriously.

Concerned – Tha shizzle. The comic that sparked Cheap Rip-Off Comics Inc. It’s Half Life 2. Only with lulz. Such a shame that it’s all over…

Alien Loves Predator – under the tag-line “In New York no one can hear you scream” you can’t go wrong. Abraham the Xenomorph Alien and Preston the Predator are roommates. In the Big Apple.

Sexy Losers – Easily one of the most depraved and sick comics out there. It’s soft-core pornography combined with brilliant humor and my all-time favorite. Incest, necrophilia, compulsive masturbation, bukkake, no topic is taboo, no boundary left standing and all while keeping a mischievous grin on your face. It’s simply win. And take your hand out of your pants. Why, oh, why did you leave me, Sexy Losers? Respect to Clay for having written this comic all this time. Pity it all had to end.

The Holy Bibble – Read it and you’ll go to Heaven. Rewriting the Bible, while largely offensive to conservative dicks, is perfectly acceptable because Cannan and Lucas are Prophets. Lucas told me that’s totally true. It’s been my personal favorite ever-since the demise of Sexy Losers and I always get a kick out of it. It’s mandatory that you also read the commentaries for each strip, as they complement the lulz greatly.

xkcd – Math, love, sarcasm and nonsense, all thrown into a blender, mixed and then served on a platter of awesome. The author is the math/science teacher you’ll never have purely because he’s so friggin’ cool. Also contains tips on surviving velociraptor attacks and that’s ALWAYS a good thing.

Order of the Stick – description and link in Loosh’s links. I won’t insist but it rocks.

Goblins –  Another DnD comic. It has less lulz and more drama and srs than Order of the Stick. It’s definitely worth reading, so do it, you bums!

Looking for Group – From the creators of Least I Could Do comes Looking for Group. A brilliant comic of humor and classical High Fantasy literature. You will recognize inspirations from all of your favorite fantasy works there and Sohmer’s comments are always worth reading, for he is a book geek. And book geeks rock.


The Best Page in the Universe – It’s Maddox. Everyone knows Maddox. If you’ve never heard of his website you have a LOT of catching up to do.

Encyclopaedia Dramatica – We all know Wikipedia sucks in some areas, but no other parody takes the hatred towards Wiki so far as ED. You can spend many hours browsing through its articles and lulz. Loads of lulz.

Fat Pie – Artist David Firth’s homepage. His cartoons are the most fucked up things you’ll ever see (in a good way). I recommend the Salad Fingers series wholeheartedly.

BurntFaceMan – David Firth’s side project involving a super hero with a burnt face and British humour. Lots of it.

Stuff I made!

EMOLOL!!!1cos(0) – No further comment. And no, you idiot, it’s not REALLY me.

Fun facts about me (there are a lot):

1. I watch a lot of pr0n, and that is why my penis is so hard that it can crush diamonds. It can also bend steel and TIME.

2. I am not an interesting person and thus have no more facts to list here. For now.

Go away.


5 Responses to “Silverbolt’s Stuff”

  1. hippogryph Says:

    lol :P

  2. Soki Says:

    1. I watch a lot of pr0n, and that is why my penis is so hard that it can crush diamonds. It can also bend steel and TIME.

    Haha, I will steel this joke.

  3. Soki Says:


  4. Silverbolt Says:

    Hey! That’s mine!

  5. ahriman Says:

    I have read your words and I understand what they mean to you. I’m proud of you and of what you’ve become(just kidding).
    The Pessimist:
    “This cat’s glass will forever be half empty–he spilled the other half running from the wolves and then pissed it out on his skinny leg. The war is lost before the battles have even been fought. He drags everyone around him down into a pit of defeatist self-loathing. He feels he can never win and never get ahead… he’s right. ” – G Diesel
    Trăiască asociaţia “Cărăm căcat cu targa” şi “Testăm căcat pe dame de lux”

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