Vivid Memories of Older Comics From the Before-Time

Ah, Memory Lane. Let us stroll down it as I show you some of Loosh’s older stuff so you can see where he came from and where he is now in terms of comical quality. Some will contain obscure jokes. Some will contain inside humor, but reading them will lead to a better understanding of Cheap Rip-Off Comics Inc.

The Cheap Rip-Off Series!

The first comic Loosh made was edited in paint. The posing left much to desire and there were no borders or anything. Twas called Party Time!

Came the second strip of Cheap Rip-Off featured slightly better posing, but not great. The editing was still done in paint. The Great Unwashed

The third strip was supposed to be the final Cheap Rip-Off, but it appears it was not so. The posing got even better, but there was still the lack of a proper layout and editing. It was a Bad Idea.

The fourth Rip-Off apparently ripped off Family Guy. Also OMG LAYOUT! It was not a Big Mistake at all.

Fifth Rip-Off with lyrics by some guy named Bill Bailey and a Mozza model done by a guy named Droop. Getting better and better and now allowing Loosh to become an Emo Wannabe.

Public Service Announcement: You won’t get the joke. I hardly did.


Next came a few comics that were made by someone organizing a contest where people had to add text and lulz. Ergo, this strip is Interactive!

By this time, Cheap Rip-Off became intertwined with Life and Times @ Skwid’s Lair and I had already appeared as a character. Here we see another interactive comic named Silverbolt’s Day Off.

And one more Interactive comic. Loosh apparently relies heavily on the Kindness of Strangers.

Not like me to do this, but shit…it’s too big to upload. Divided in 7 separate images. I’ll just link to it from PHW: The Trick is to Keep Breathing

How to Confuse an Idiot

Like the Pheonix from the ashes Brownian Motion has returned. For a while I thought it was dead, but I was wrong. ~Looshkin

Today I decided to make a quick comic and I got Lost. ~Looshkin

Life and Times @ Skwid’s Lair!

This is where the true road begins. Life and Times at Skwid’s Lair. Drawn by Looshkin for us, the members of the forum Skwid’s Lair and there was much rejoicing after we ate the minstrels. There will be inside jokes and there will be hard to get jokes (obscure) but bear with it, for it is the setting upon which the current series was created.

00 – Cast

01 – The Phantom Office

02 – Attack of the Drones

03 – Revenge of the Skwid

04 – A New Dope – Inside joke: Fishy’s Avatar is a figure in a pink bunny suit

05 – The Lair Strikes back – Inside joke: It was about this time when Looshkin made a second forum called Looshkin’s Lair

06 – Return of the Noki – Inside joke: Stormy says “You fiend!” a lot lol!!1

07 – Patent Pending?

08 – Who’s That Girl? – Inside joke: Yes, I have a younger sister and she’s a member at Skwid’s Lair. No, you may not have pics.

09 – Vegetation Madness

10 – Big Bad Guy – Inside joke: DJ is another member of Skwid’s Lair, though he’s more of a lurking admin. He’s also a perfect gentleman.

11 – Big Bad Plan

12 – Big Bad Loser

13 – Big Bad Hideout 1

14 – Big Bad Hideout 2

15 – Big Bad Hideout 3

16 – Big Bad Hideout 4 – this one is longer and thus it is divided in two parts: 1 and 2

17 – Comeuppance – easily one of my favorite L&T strips. However, it was divided in three parts due to the length: 1, 2, 3

18 – The Fun in Funeral – I was actually made a moderator around this time and gave myself a warning to celebrate. Again a three-parter: 1, 2, 3

19 – Boredom – Inside joke: Fishy has a bunny avatar. Also, the Lair was pretty dead back then.

20 – One for the Road – again, a classic. Nearly each panel of this strip made me laugh back when I read it. It’s the grand finale to Life and Times, leading into The Generic Adventures of Looshkin and Silverbolt. Two parter, due to the length: 1, 2

Ah, that was a good run. Only one more comic to present. One. More.

[child drown] was a parody of many things only Loosh could remember and it’s the longest strip he’s done to date. Since it’s FUCKING LONG, I won’t upload it and I shall once more link directly to the PHW website.

HOLY SHIT! It took me 2-3 hours to write/upload/make links for this. God DAMN! Well, this has been it. Sort of a tribute to Looshkin and a display of the road he followed until he became good at using the G-Mod and creating awesome comics. Thank you for taking the time to read all these. It will make understanding a few references easier in the future. Cheers.



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